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 stella grum (taylor)

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stella grum

stella grum

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PostSubject: stella grum (taylor)   stella grum (taylor) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

History: her dad was murdered and her mom died from the plaque when she was 2 months old. Jason Paulo was the number one suspect to her fathers murder. He had a crush on her mom all these years and they think he got super jealous and murdered my dad. And then after my parents died I got sent to my aunt's and uncle's house. But little did they know she was going to get kidnap on her fourth birthday to the hospital in secret sketchy sity to get experimented on to find where the plaque went wrong. She doesn't remember her past at all. She only remembers waking up in a white hospital room that smells of vinegar. Her and her best friend and roommate falicity burns haven't even seen the outside world. She then escapes the hospital at age 12. And went back to nova terra to live with her aunt.

Appearance: Stella has shoulder length light blond hair that's almost white and midnight blue colored eyes. She's 5'3''. And is on the short medium side. And hasn't grown for a very long time. I'm on the frail side too because i don't eat much and don't walk because there's no where to go in the hospital And is pasty pale. my hair and eye color are fading away. Stella is 16 years old. And has high check bones. I mainly wear tissue paper felling like hospital gown or the required uniform ( a grey pants and matching T-shirt )

Personality: Stella is a sweet shy girl and only talks to falicity. She tries to blend into the background. Falicity and the doctors are the only living people she knows. She is very shy and learns how to never ever trust people. Even if they claim to be related to her. She misses her family every single day.

city: was in hospital tell she was twelve then escape to nova terra.
occupation; being super sneaky
birthday/current age: birthday is march 5th and is 16 now
power: shapeshifting
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stella grum (taylor)
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