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 Holland Taylor (Analyse)

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Holland Taylor

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PostSubject: Holland Taylor (Analyse)   Holland Taylor (Analyse) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:07 am

Name: Holland Taylor
Birthday/Current Age: Oct. 18 /13
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: Tutor
Power: Extreme Brain Power

Appearance: Holland is 5'2" and really fit.  She has green eyes and is white but not pale.  Holland usually has her hair up in a pony tail, but sometimes it is down.  Her hair is kind of thick and a dirty blonde.  Her hair is also long and straight.  Even though she is 13 she is really though and loves a great challenge.  She usually has a sporty look so that she can move easily, but her style changes often. Holland also has very good posture and manners.
Looks Like: Holland Taylor (Analyse) Jackie-evancho

Personality:  Holland is a kind and caring person, and loves children, but also is very brave.  She usually never raises her voice unless she really needs to.  Holland likes to play pretend and likes to pretend she has an accent.  She has a very very educated vocabulary, her vocabulary is more like a super smart adults vocabulary. Holland also talks really fast when she is nervous. One of Holland's favorite words or phrases are "fantashcio." ( A way she likes to say fantastic.) When Holland talks she usually talks with her hands. If she were to die for anything in the entire world, she would risk her life for the safety of others. Holland loves to think about others and their safety, but she thinks very little of her self. One thing that she really regrets is not listening to her parents. When she is not serious she loves to mess around and make people laugh.

History: Holland was born into the world about a year before the plague started. She had two brothers and one sister. Her parents were amazing people who always cared for her. Holland was always happy when she was around her family. They had many memories with them well at least for year. One that she remembers clearly was when it was her fist birthday and she was able to have her own piece of cake. When she got this piece of cake she shoved her face into it and got it all over. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures, it was one of her favorite days of her life. They always supported her in everything she did. They were always an ordinary family and always wanted to, until her family left... forever.

After the plague started strange things began to happen to her. When she was two, she was able to math problems in her head with no help, and they were like crazy hard problems, like 567 / 32. She decided to walk to school one day, high school, though she doesn't know why. Her parents weren't alive to tell her what to do, and neither were he siblings. Holland went into the high school math class and was actually smarter than them. Holland was, and still is, able to solve problems, at the speed of light.

Holland graduated from collage with the highest degree when she was five. When she was six she became a tutor at the school in Nova Terra.

She is now living in that school and has a wonderful life ... Well that what she thought.
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Holland Taylor (Analyse)
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