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 Reed Lao (ryker)

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Reed Lao

Reed Lao

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Name: Reed Lao
Birthday: 1/18/86, current age: 30
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: Martial Arts Teacher
Power: Mind Reading
Appearance: He is 6'0" and heavy built. Nothing can knock him down. He has light brown skin, bald, brown eyes, he wears ragged clothes like many other survivors. Looks like the Dwayne Johnson
Personality: Very tough and kind. He loves helping other people and children. He is the toughest warrior in the underworld. He helps other warriors fight for their freedom. If anyone would do anything to him or anyone he knew, they would have wished they had never been born.

History: Reed was born on the surface world 30 years ago. He was an only child. His parents weren't around often, so he learned to live on his on. He was born with the ability to mind read. He could mind read his parents when he was younger and they had wished they had no kids. Reed lived a hard life as a kid. When the plague started he didn't even know his parents were dead until the next week. His parents never even had powers nor did they care. Reed never told his parents about his parents, because he was scared if they knew they would give him to someone for them to expiremnt on him. When he moved out he decided to never speak to his parents again. Reed soon became a martial arts teacher. He married his High School sweetheart, Jen, she was as tough as reed, but she died in a car accident right before the plague. Reed was devastated. When the plague happened Reed watched many of his loved ones die. He expected to be next, but it never happened. He decided to follow other survivors into the underground city. Reed saw that many of them were scared so he decided to help the weak become strong. He founded the Warrior Foundation which taught people to become warriors and fight for their freedom. Without Reed the underground city wouldn't be here today.
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Reed Lao (ryker)
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