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 Alvera San (Tai)

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PostSubject: Alvera San (Tai)   Alvera San (Tai) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 28, 2016 11:07 am

Name: Alvera San
Birthday / Current Age: Jan 11 / 21
Occupation: Singer / Artist
Power (if applicable): Invisibility

Appearance: Alvera is 5'7''. She is Asian / Korean. She weights 125 pounds. Her body type is really smooth. Her eye color is dark brown. Her skin tone is really light / white. Her face shape is circular ovalish. She dresses for confidence. Most of the type she puts her really soft and silky light gray hair up in a bun. Her tone voice is mostly deep. Alvera is really strong, and knows how to fight.
Looks Like: CL

Personality: Alvera is mostly smiling to people and comforting them if their hurt / sad. She is most comfortable when she's with her family. She gets extremely sad if something bad happens to her family. She really enjoys making music for her fans all around the world. What made her really happy was her fiancé G-Dragon.

History: Alvera grew up on the surface when it was still good. Alvera has three other siblings. It was two girls and one boy. Her parents got divorced so she went to live with her mom. Her dad got remarried.

Alvera started noticing that she had secret powers when she was just a baby. Her mom was carrying her and then she just suddenly disappeared. Her mom then yelled and said where did her baby go. Then Alvera appeared again into her mothers arms. Alvera would only disappear if she is either crying / sad. So when she wanted to be invisible she would cry.

Alvera didn't go to college. Because she auditioned for a company in America and she got in. When she was working as a singer / performer, she met the love of her life, G-Dragon. She was only 20 years old when she got engaged. Right on the day she was going to get married the war affected America.

Now that the world is looking ugly and messed up, she and her husband found an underground place where she can use her power when ever she want. They figured the underground is the safest place for them now. Now, Alvera can't be a artist anymore because all of the Stages were destroyed by the war.

About 15 years later, the world was back to normal and everything was like before. Alvera then decided to move to Seoul, South Korea to pursue her dream as a K-Pop artist. She and her husband can speak the Korean language. So they moved, and became really famous singers / performers.

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Alvera San (Tai)
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