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This forum is for students in Ms. Steiner's second period Creative Writing class and their parents and guardians. This is a private forum!
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 Harlow Jane (Ashlin)

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Harlow Jane

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PostSubject: Harlow Jane (Ashlin)   Harlow Jane (Ashlin) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 28, 2016 11:07 am

Name: Harlow Jane (Ashlin)
Birthday / Current Age: October 13 / 15
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: Student
Power (If Applicable): Teleportation

Appearance: Harlow is 5'5" and very skinny. She has medium length sized blonde straight hair and brown eyes. Harlow doesn't look super strong, but you'd be very surprised of what she can do. She is super shy, but she has a beautiful smile. Harlow usually wears a jean jacket, skinny jeans, and some fancy boots.
Looks like: Chloe Lukasiak

Personality: Harlow is very fun to be around. She is super sweet and kind, and would take a bullet for someone else. She is always the first person to get a job done. Harlow is very responsible, she always has all of her chores done, and her room clean before she does anything fun. Harlow has OCD, and it drives a lot of people crazy!

History: Harlow was born in Nova Terra as all the chaos was going on, but luckily her parents were smart enough to find a spot to hide from other people so the plaque didn't spread to them. Harlow and her family couldn't hide forever, so they had to move out, but that was when Harlow's parents got killed by the plaque, and Harlow was on her own, just at the age of six.

Harlow went to go live with her best friend, Robin Song, but then they both got kidnapped. Robins parents went missing after three days of they got kidnapped. In the meantime, Harlow and Robin were trying to figure out who had kidnapped them.

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Harlow Jane (Ashlin)
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