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Tommy Keller

Tommy Keller

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PostSubject: Tommy Keller (STEINER EXAMPLE - PLEASE READ)   Tommy Keller (STEINER EXAMPLE - PLEASE READ) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 25, 2016 6:45 pm

Name: Thomas Adam Keller
Birthday / Current Age: August 5 / 16
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: Student
Power (if applicable): Telekinesis

Appearance: Tommy is 5'7" with a willowy frame, but he's right in the middle of a growth spurt, so who knows how tall he'll be tomorrow? Because he's growing so quickly, he looks out of proportion, with really long legs. He's clumsy, too. He has dark hair, brown eyes, prominent cheekbones, and a cleft chin. He mainly wears raggedy jeans and t-shirts because it's hard for anybody to get their hands on high-quality clothes.
Looks Like: Ehren Kassam

Personality: Tommy generally doesn't really get it. He's oblivious to social situations, so lots of people find him extremely awkward. He means well, but he isn't good at understanding how other people are feeling.

He has a tendency to be really hard on himself, especially now that his power is showing and he can't figure out how to control it. He lives in constant fear that he will accidentally hurt someone with his telekinesis. Because of this fear, he usually keeps to himself.

History: Tommy was one of the first children born in Nova Terra after the plague killed off most of the population and drove the survivors underground. He was the first and only child born to his parents, Frank and Cindy Keller. When he was growing up, everybody thought it was weird that he didn't seem to have an obvious power. How could he have survived in a world with the plague if he didn't have any magic?

His parents were concerned that maybe he could still die if he were exposed to germs, so they became extremely protective. They rarely let him out of the house because they were so afraid that he might catch the plague and die. As a result, Tommy didn't really make any friends and never figured out how to socialize properly.

Finally, when he was fifteen, it became clear that Tommy did have a power: telekinesis. He started attending school, and has been studying under Ms. Maple for a year now, but he still has little to no control over his magic.
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