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 James Lee (Tyler)

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James Lee

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PostSubject: James Lee (Tyler)   Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:07 am

James is 4'9" and he weighs 75 pounds. he's small because he just turned 16. He's a ginger boy with a bratty attitude.
Birthdate is September 26
City: Nova Terra.
Occupation: is a Ice cream scooper.
Power: Shape Shifter/ Penguin.
Appearance: Scrawny and small

Personality: He doesn't like to talk to people. He's a loner all of his life. He is really smart but nobody cares. He's fearless and he doesn't care if he messes up anymore. James's powers is to shape shift into a penguin. He could control it during the seasons except on winters. He stays as a penguin all of winter.

History: He was born in a McDonalds restrooms. James Lee is a runaway foster kid who wants an answer of who killed his parents. He almost go killed in the war because he was a Jew. Nobody knows why he can shape shift into a penguin. He says he was raised with penguin parents but we don't know. At age 16 he is living in the dark part of Nova Terra. He is living on raw fish and waiting to find an answer about his real parents.

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James Lee (Tyler)
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