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 Thia King (Aubrie)

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Thia King

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Name: Thia King
Birthday/current age: September 18/20
City: Surface World
Occupation: save the world
Power: telekinesis

Appearance: Thia is 5' and she is very petite. She is tougher than nails but she doesnt look that way. She has auburn hair and bright blue eyes. She isnt always that smartest but she makes up for it with her beauty. She wears many different styles and isnt afraid of being her.

Personality: Thia doesnt really care about what she does. She loves her brother with all of her heart. She doesnt always get along with her mother but she love her. Thia isnt always the most patient. She is smart and kind and fierce. If anyone tried to mess with her, they would be sorry.

History: Thia was born 19 long years ago. That was when living on the surface was still ok. She is the younger of 2 children. Her older brother is named Olive. They are part of a not so perfect family. Thia's dad passed away when she was 16. When Thia was 17 she figured out that that she could move things with her mind. She wasnt very good at it though. Her brother had disappeared when she was 16 so she couldnt tell him. She didn't want to tell her mom though because she would freak out. But over the years, she learned to control it. She did some research and found out that what she had was called Telekinesis. But there was 1 thing. Olive had it too.

When Olive got back from the island, she told him about this telekinesis. Together they worked to control it. No one found out. Thats what they wanted.

Soon after Thia and Olive learned to control and use each other's telekinesis, they started working together with Jaquina White to save the world. Others didnt appreciate this much because people were dying. But waht they didnt understand is that they were killing the bad people disguised as good people.

And then came the plague and the whole surface was to be evacuated to the underground. But not Thia, Jaquina and Olive. They wanted to save the world.
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Thia King (Aubrie)
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