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BACKGROUND STORY: She works for the Nazis but she is still on the good side. She is a spy for the good side. Her family joined the Nazis but she did not. Her family begged her to join them so she "joined."
SKIN TONE: perfect
HAIRSTYLE: a dutch braid
OUTFIT: a Katniss Everdeen warrior outfit
AGE: 18
PROMINENT FEATURES: a scar which is the Nazi symbol. My parents branded me when I "joined" their side.
JOB: spying/ experimenting
BIRTHDAY: August 13, 1998
CURRENT HOME:underground and in the Nazis base
PET:white wolf
FAMILY HISTORY: my foster parents killed my real parents when I was a baby
HEIGHT: 5'5"
CITY:Nova Terra

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Peyton R. LeClaire
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