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 Robin Song (Tay)

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Robin Song

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PostSubject: Robin Song (Tay)   Robin Song (Tay) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

Name: Robin Song
Age: June 5/ 14
Power: Telepathy
City: Nova Terra (underground)

Appearance: Robin is a brunette with wavy hair and purple highlights.She has brown eyes and amazing smiles. She isn't very athletic, but can do major damage if she tried. She's rather pretty, but doesn't know it and doesn't care to. Her hair is long and wavy with purple highlights. She's 5'1" has over 50 different smiles, all with different emotions. She could have an evil smile, then a happy smile. No one can ever predict her.
Looks like: Maddie Ziegler

History: As a child she discovered her powers by accidentally reading her mom's mind and seeing what her Christmas present was. Everyday since then her power grew stronger. She's 14 right now and her power is average. She has trust issues because as a child she and her best friend were kidnapped and was tracked because of her name, Rose Song. From then on she's went by Robin Song, not wanting to risk getting kidnapped again. Only one person knows her real name, her best friend Harlow Jane. They're best friends and have been almost their whole lives. Her parents went missing 3 days after the kidnapping. They haven't seen them since then. Now they're trying to figure out who kidnapped them.

Personality: She's very bold and says what she wants. She tries not to be, but is very blunt. She only trusts one person 24/7, her best friend Harlow Jane. She's not very girly. When she's your friend she's very loyal, caring, and kind. But if you're her enemy, watch out. She's very smart and loves singing.
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Robin Song (Tay)
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