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Cecilia Maple

Cecilia Maple

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PostSubject: Cecilia Maple (STEINER EXAMPLE - PLEASE READ)   Cecilia Maple (STEINER EXAMPLE - PLEASE READ) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 25, 2016 6:40 pm

Name: Cecilia Alice Maple
Birthday / Current Age: June 17 / 43
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: Teacher
Power (if applicable): Healing

Appearance: Cecilia is 5'5" with a delicate frame. She looks like she could be broken in half by a stiff wind. She is much tougher than she looks. She is biracial and has dark, curly hair and brown eyes. Cecilia is often smiling, and her smile is soft and kind. She wears the same ragged jeans and t-shirts that most of the other survivors wear.
Looks Like: Sherri Saum

Personality: Cecilia is a deeply loving person. She would have made an excellent mother, but unfortunately her husband passed away when the plague started to spread. Cecilia is kind and patient and gets great joy out of working with her students. She is extremely intelligent and can be incredibly fierce when she needs to be. If anybody tried to hurt or kidnap one of her students, she would kick that person's butt.

History: Cecilia was born back when living on the surface was still good. She was the youngest of four children and her childhood was idyllic. Cecilia had the perfect family and she loved every member of it.

She was still a little girl when she figured out that she had the strange ability to heal herself and other people with her mind. When she fell down and scraped her knees, she could just focus her mental energy on fixing them, and they would be fixed. Over the years, she tried to keep her talent as secret as possible, but it was hard to resist healing people when they needed her help. Fortunately, most people didn't ask her about it. They just assumed they must have misunderstood how their injuries ended up healed.

After graduating from college, Cecilia became an elementary school teacher. When she was twenty-four, she married the man of her dreams. And the war started. Since she and her husband lived in the United States, they weren't in terrible danger, but it was still a bad time for the world in general.

And then there was the plague, and everything went wrong. Cecilia's husband wasn't magical. He passed away, and it broke her heart. She waited, expecting to die from the same illness, but she didn't. And eventually there were so few people left, and so much of the surface world was destroyed, that she moved underground along with the other magical survivors.

Once they were underground and Cecilia saw how dangerous it was to have uncontrolled magic everywhere, she decided to found the school where she could teach the younger survivors how to harness their powers. She's been doing that job ever since.
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