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 Erika Johnson (Halle)

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Erika Johnson

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Name: Erika Johnson
Birthday/ current age: January 31st/ 16
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: Student
Power: Telekinesis

Appearance: Erika is 5'5 with a strong build. She is rather skinny, but has muscle. She has brown hair with little streaks of blonde, and hazel eyes. she normally has shorts and a t-shirt on because that's all that's available for her.

Personality: Erika tries to focus positive, she is a happy,kind, and loving person. She loves to hang out with her friends and have a good time. she likes to look for good
opportunities to strengthen her powers, so she is able to pass the big test. Erika is a very intelligent and strong person, she knows what she is doing when it comes to surviving Nova Terra.

History: Erika was was born just as the all the chaos was starting. After she was born she had only lived with her parents for a while, until the disease killed her parents. Luckily she had an older brother that raised her. They now have a strong relationship together.

When Erika was younger she had been helping her brother train for the test. He has telekinesis. so he would see how far and high he could move objects. At the time she had not figured out what her power was. She had a cup of water she had been drinking out of all day. She decided to try to knock the cup over, sure enough it tipped over without even trying very hard. Then she thought maybe there was a breeze, so this time she decided to lift a soccer ball off the ground and into the air. Again the ball flew up in the air and floated like something was holding it up. Filled with joy and excitement, she ran to her brother to tell him about her power. She wasn't surprised because it common for family members to have the same super power. Together they trained only to get better and survive.
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Erika Johnson (Halle)
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