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 Delilah Richards (Madelyn)

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Delilah Richards

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PostSubject: Delilah Richards (Madelyn)   Delilah Richards (Madelyn) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

Name: Delilah Richards
Birthday / Current Age: August 24 / 17
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: Survivor
Power: Animal Whisperer

Appearance: 5' She is delicate and very short for her age. She may be small but has lots of courage and is a lot tougher then first appearance. Delilah Has light silver hair with very faint blue highlights with deep blue eyes.  She is very shy and has a very faint smile. Delilah is most often seen wearing a light grey hoodie that matches her hair and very dark blue jeans  with a dark grey tee shirt.

Personality: Delilah is a shy, quiet girl who does not let anyone mess with her. She may be small but she is tough. She loves to spend time practicing archery with her beloved bow. She sneaks away most of the day and and is not seen much. Delilah obviously likes to keep to herself. Delilah also has a special power, she is an animal whisperer. She spends most of her time with all sorts of animals, but ever since the plague she has not seen much animals. The only animal she sees is her tamed hybrid half wolf, half husky. Her hybrid is as big as her but yet just a fierce. Delilahs hybrid will do any thing to protect her. Her hybrids name is Dakota and has a sleek silver coat and bright misty blue eyes that really shine is the dark.

History: Delilahs history is very faint she does not remember much of her childhood most because it was very drab. Her parents were arrested for being accused of murder they didn't even do. The rest of her childhood was in a small, yet poor orphanage. But she was never adopted. So Delilah gave up hope and ran away. She spent the rest of her teen years in the woods taming animals and doing archery. So she really doesn't know how to talk to people. So when the plague happened she was forced down to Nova Terra because her beloved woods were burned to flames.
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Delilah Richards (Madelyn)
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