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 Falicity Burns (kodi)

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Falicity Burns

Falicity Burns

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PostSubject: Falicity Burns (kodi)   Falicity Burns (kodi) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

Appearance: Falicity is 5'3" with a slim body making her look like she doesn't eat much. she is Seventeen years old, she has short brown hair and dark green eyes. she wears the same clothes everyday (a old white t-shirt and a pear of ripped jeans with worn down white high top converse).

Personality: Falicity used to be very happy before everything happened. She doesn't talk that much compared to some of the people she knows. She keeps to herself being the fact she has no family. When you get to know Falicity you will learn that she gets very bubbly.

History: At the age of five Falicity burns was kidnapped by the SSS. Soon after she was kidnapped her parents were killed by the plague. Not knowing her parents we killed or why she was being tested on the hospital knew something she didn't. They knew that she had a power in fact it was invisibility.
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Falicity Burns (kodi)
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