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 Kyle Kendreth (Kaitlyn)

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Kyle Kendreth

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PostSubject: Kyle Kendreth (Kaitlyn)   Kyle Kendreth (Kaitlyn) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

Birthday: October 18/ 19yrs old
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: He is in charge of sending the exiles up to the surface because they don't have powers, and there isn't enough food for them.
Power: Mind reading- (Mental Telepathy)

Kyle Kendreth (Kaitlyn) Zac-Efron-zac-efron-17011468-967-1450
Appearance: He is very handsome. Girls try to be with him all the time, but he refuses. He thinks love is a distraction from life. He has light brown hair, with blue eyes. He has some stubble, making him look rugged and rebellious. He always wears a black leather coat, with some rugged old jeans. He wears old converse shoes.

Personality: Kyle was always taught to be a strong warrior, who is trained to defend everyone, and not let his feelings get in the way. He was always told that he had no room for love in his life, and it was a waste of time. He doesn't have friends, for he is always alert at his job. He has somewhat of heart, and almost feels bad for the exiles. He treats everyone with kindness, but never says or does more then he is instructed to. He is very obedient and strong. He uses his power wisely, and learned to master it by the time he was 8. He has mastered the mind, and is very good at tricking the mind, by reading their emotions and thoughts. He is intelligent.

History: Kyle was born in Nova Terra by his two parents Kayla Kendreth and Cymbol Kendreth. He was born in alberqurqe new mexico. When he was only 8 years old, his parents left him to defend for himself in the woods. Nobody knows how was raised all alone in the woods, and won't dare trust anyone with his secrets. All we know is that he came to the school one day unattended at age 16. He was immediately promoted to send up the exiles for his bravery.

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Kyle Kendreth (Kaitlyn)
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