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Jason Paulo

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Author: Ashlyn Wh

Appearance: 5'10' With dark brown hair and medium length. He has blue eyes and long eyelashes. Tan clear skin. Almost always wearing sunglasses and a hat. Perfect straight teeth with a American accent. Has a faint moustache and beard. Oval face. Hair is usually swept to the side. Is 37 years old and birthday is on October, 31 or Halloween. Has a bit of tattoos here and there. Kind of girly and wears girly clothes, but he is most famous for his jeans and tacocat shirt look. He is a millionaire and is a movie star.
Looks like: Johnny Depp

Personality: Isn't really a people person. Really self centered and loves his ego to much. He will only give his love to his close family and friends. He usually likes being alone and work alone. He has his own separate house from his actual house his family lives in. He has a pet iguana named Charles and loves him to death, probably more than his family. Unfortunately Charles died in the Nazi world and Jason has been grumpy ever since. In the Nova terra there is a pet store, but no iguanas. He won't let his family get any pets unless he gets one.

History: Jason was born in Los Angles right before the war started. He was a movie star before and had a bunch of mansions every where, even though he lived in a shack next to his house. He met his wife Mary Larde at a help center. Mary used to be a serial killer, but fell in love with Jason when she laid her eyes on him. After the war happened and the Nazis won Mary and him evacuated and went to the Nova Terra. They got married down there and now have two kids Mayson Paul Paulo and Kelsey Paulo. He likes Mayson more, but never told Kelsey. Mayson is 5 and Kelsey is 3. Mary and Jason are excepting a boy soon. They built a mansion down there and live in there. Of course he has a shack next to his house. Jason has invisibility powers. He doesn't really use them, but knows how. Mary has invisibility power too. She uses it a lot though. Mayson and Kelsey we have no idea yet, but we are trying to find out. Mary is now a teacher and hates Thomas, Jason is still a actor when he needs too be it.
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Jason Paulo
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