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 Olive King (Cade)

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Olive King

Olive King

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PostSubject: Olive King (Cade)   Olive King (Cade) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

Name: Olive King
Birthday/Current age: January 14/28
City: Surface World
Occupation: Super Hero
Power: telekinesis

Appearance: Olive is 6'1, he is super strong and is very good with a bow. He comes out at night and fights crime. He has cooler cloths then all of the other survivors. He is a scary looking guy and a lot of people respect him because of that.

Personality: Olive is a very funny guy and loves to play golf and he collects bows. Olive hates everyone and he doesn't like to have friends and he has a younger sister named Thia. He is definitely a not loving person

History: Olive King was born in a raft and when he was 5 years old he finally reached land and was raised by wolves. He was finally rescued when he was 20 and he found his family and lived the rest of his life as a superhero until the plague. Olive was a very brave person that did not listen to what people told him to do. His parents left him then swam back to land and he ended up finding an island and crawled out when he was 5 and somehow lived for 4 years until investigators found him on an island at the age of 9. The police gave him back to his parents and he lived a horrible childhood. he kept having dreams of him on the island and thinking that his parents were dead for 4 years.

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Bruce Wayne

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Olive King (Cade)
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