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 Jaquina White (Sadie)

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Jaquina White

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Name: Jaquina White (Sadie)
Birthday / Current Age: May 20 / 25
City: The Surface World
Occupation: Lawyer
Power (if applicable): Invisibility

Appearance: Jaquina is 4'5'' and very skinny. She looks very flimsy, however she is very strong. She has beautiful blonde hair with bright blue eyes. Jaquina is always happy, never mad or upset. She wears skinny jeans and a white shirt. She is very smart and independent and she does things her own way.

Personality: Jaquina is a really kind and loving person. She is always happy and doesn't get hurt very easily. She is very intelligent and she knows what she is doing. You don't want to mess with her because she is not afraid to fight back. She is a single woman with no children. She has many friends that love her and support her. She loves to play sports, especially volleyball and softball. Even though she is a very kind person, she can be extremely competitive.

History: Jaquina's mother died when she gave birth to her. Growing up, her father was her best friend. She was an only child, so she didn't have anybody but her dad. Her dad died in a car crash when she was 15 years old. She found out she had the power to be invisible when she was 18. She was playing hide-and-go-seek, and she wanted to win so badly. Hid in the closet and nobody found her. Finally, one of her friends gave up. She came out and nobody could see her. That's when she found out.
One day, she found a secret door to the Surface World. She left at night and when she got up there, she found more people who had gone up there. They all became friends and started living up there.
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Jaquina White (Sadie)
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