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This forum is for students in Ms. Steiner's second period Creative Writing class and their parents and guardians. This is a private forum!
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 allison hunton

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alson hunton

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PostSubject: allison hunton   allison hunton Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

birthday/current age: January 4,2003
city nova terra
occupation: student
power: shape shiftier
appearance: Allison is 5'2 and has dirty blonde hair with a tad bit of blue. she has tan skin. she has pink hair and turquoise eyes. she also has a sister named ashlynn hunton. she never new her parents they died after her birth. she was raised by animatronics and schooled by them for ten years.

 personality: she is a very humorous girl she does not remember her child hood very well all she really remembers is the bombing and the pizzeria being shutdown and being put in the orphanage and passing out and getting her powers. she had 10 years of schooling and loved it.

history: Allison was the 3rd kid to appear at nova terra. during all of the chaos they were split up and then reunited when she came to nova terra. she found nova terra when she went under ground. she also had no idea that she had superpowers.  when the booms were going of she got scared and she shape shfed into a weed the other people all gasped and whent and told Mrs.maple she came over and told her that she was going to be alright.

after two more years of going to the nova terra school she could finally be able to shape shift into much more scarier things. and she was used to hearing the booms go off.
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allison hunton
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