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 Andromeda Timms (Abby)

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Andromeda Timms

Andromeda Timms

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PostSubject: Andromeda Timms (Abby)   Andromeda Timms (Abby) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

Name: Andromeda Timms
Birthday / Current Age: April 12 / 21
City: Nova Terra
Occupation: Student
Power ( if applicable ): Speed and Agility

Appearance: Andromeda (or "An" for short) is 6ft 1inch with an elegant, athletic frame. She is much taller than almost everyone she knows and enjoys it very much. She has dark brown hair that is very long, reaching past her lower back. Andromeda has brown eyes. She is very beautiful, and many people stop dead in their tracks just to stare at her. She wears the same ragged jeans and normal t-shirts that most of the survivors wear, but she has attained her late mother's tattered green sweater, which she always wears.

Looks like: Gal Gadot

Personality: Andromeda is a very caring person. She would do anything for her friends and family and loves being around people. She is strong willed and very competitive. Most people are a little frightened by her and respect her because of her deadpan expression and ,frankly, her towering posture. She is not afraid to get in fights, because she knows she will most likely win. She does know karate and she also kick-boxes regularly. She is the school champion of the mile run, running just faster than the speed of sound. Andromeda goes to college and hopes to get her degree in literature. Andromeda is also very intelligent and cunning, and is an excellent riddle solver and critical thinker.

History: Andromeda was 4 years old when the plague hit. She was the middle child of her family, with one younger sister and an older brother.

When the plague hit, both of her siblings died, and her mother died too. She and her dad are the only ones left of her family that survived the plague. Her father, George Timms, has the power of telekinesis, so he can move things with his mind. George thought he was the only magical being of his family. So when Andromeda began acting strange, fidgeting and bouncing around, her Dad was the first to suspect that she was magical. Then the plague came and all of their family died. Andromeda and her dad decided to move to Nova Terra, hoping to attain safety and find people that are like themselves.

Andromeda was 4 years old when she found out about her powers. At random moments she would fidget uncontrollably and sometimes even find herself a few yards away from where she last stood. Once in elementary school, Cecilia Maple, her teacher, helped her contain her powers. At age 13, Andromeda got faster. Years later, she broke the sound barrier while running around the city of Nova Terra.

Andromeda is now in college, and loves it.

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Andromeda Timms (Abby)
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