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 Scarlet Ri Jarvas (Leah)

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Scarlet Ri Jarvas

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PostSubject: Scarlet Ri Jarvas (Leah)   Scarlet Ri Jarvas (Leah) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 11:05 am

Name: Scarlet Ri Jarvas
Birthday: October 30th, 1999
City: Nova Terra
Power: Telekinesis
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Appearance: 6'3" Long dark brown hair blue eyes she wears dark jeans a sweet shirt with dark t-shirt. Tan skin. Hair down
Family: Parents died in car crash only child.
Pets: German sheperd named Zorro, Husky named Snow, Artic fox named Claire, wolf named Carie.
Friends: Payton and Dalyla
Personality: Nice, protective of people she cares about. Too herself personality.
Relationship: Single

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Scarlet Ri Jarvas (Leah)
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