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 Charlie Jones (Kennedy)

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Charlie Jones

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Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Jones        
Birthday/Current Age: October 31, 2001/15
City: Super Sketchy Sity (SSS)
Occupation: Scientist
Power: Sees the Future

Appearance: Charlie is a female. She's 5' 1", Charlie's athletically built with that sun kissed skin. She does not need glasses and her eyes are so intense they are gray, no one ever looks directly into them. She's had some "stuff" happen in the past and to show it she has scars across her shoulders and her back. She has this real cute small turtle tattoo on her ankle. She only ever wears her leather jacket, she has no idea where it came from she's just always had it, her worn out to perfection jeans, and a black shirt- your typical biker chic. She has blonde curly hair. Charlie looks like someone not to mess with.

Personality: Charlie is a total pessimist, she's brave yet reckless. She's from Australia (accent) and speaks real fast. She doesn't really trust anyone, because her dad and mom were killed, so shes always snooping around. She's a little socially awkward, but is a really cool person. She know s her way around her lab like the back of her hand. She's one tough cookie and anyone would be crazy to mess with her.

History: Charlie's lived underground her whole life. Her parents were with her for the first 2 years then they were killed, but Charlie doesn't know that she just thinks they abandoned her. Her "Uncle Jon" took her under his wing. She's lived with him for as long as she can remember. He gave her a lab on the 8th floor of the hospital, the very last floor, Charlie practically lives in it. She's always willing to help her uncle, but what she doesn't know might hurt her. Her uncle was in charge of experimenting on the survivors with powers.
    Some days Charlie couldn't understand why this had happened to her she would cry and cry and cry. A day after that happened at 3:00 o'clock sharp everything went white and she saw what seemed like the future. this happened every time. She decided right away against telling her uncle. She didn't know he was experimenting on people, but she had a hunch-she chose to not believe it.
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Charlie Jones (Kennedy)
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