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This forum is for students in Ms. Steiner's second period Creative Writing class and their parents and guardians. This is a private forum!
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 The Rules!

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PostSubject: The Rules!   The Rules! Icon_minitimeWed Sep 21, 2016 8:48 pm

Welcome to The Underworld! Here are some very important rules that you must read before Ms. Steiner will let you start writing your stories.

1. Keep in mind that we are on the Internet. Do not write your full name, and do not post any personal details or pictures. The only things we should be writing on here are our fictional stories. Do not have a conversation with your friend on this site; you might very well be sitting in the same room as your friend at this very moment!

2. When you respond to another person's post, you are only allowed to control your own character. You cannot make another person's character do or say anything. Your job is to respond to what the other writer posted, not to make his or her character do anything.

3. Write your post in third-person past tense:
* CORRECT: Susan walked into the store.
 * INCORRECT: I walked into the store.
 * INCORRECT: Susan walks into the store.
 * INCORRECT: You walk into the store.

4. One story, made up of multiple posts, is called a thread. Please read Ms. Steiner's example thread before you get started. You can find the example thread by clicking here: Freaking Out.

5. Even though we are writing on the Internet, this is still a classroom activity. It is important that the stories we write here are not offensive or overly upsetting and do not include inappropriate language. If you are concerned about whether something is school-appropriate, just ask Ms. Steiner! She is ready and able to delete your posts if they cross a line.

6. Once you have thoroughly read the rules, go over to Ms. Steiner and whisper, "The eagle soars at midnight." This is the secret code to prove that you have read the rules and she can trust you to play the game properly. Also, it's just fun. Very Happy
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The Rules!
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